Products & Services


We provide advisory services covering foreign exchange, futures, options, stocks indices and hedge Funds, and have access to the largest and fastest growing financial markets in the world.

Professional Training

We offer a broad range of training programs including financial licensing courses in the United States and Canada, IB Start-Up, risk management, trading and other commercial courses. We also provide market analysis for our members.

Consulting and Public Relations

As a consultant and marketing specialist, we assist financial service providers to increase their sales and gain new deposits in the North America and Asia-Pacific region. Our strategic services and management skills, coupled with social media marketing capabilities, can help brokerages expand their business quickly in the investment industry.

Venture Capital and Investor Relations

We arrange capital for companies with excellent prospects exploring financing and listing opportunities. Our team includes fund managers, experienced lawyers, accountants and auditors. For established companies, we help them gain new institutional and individual investors and promote their products and services in Asia, where there are the fastest growing economies in the world.

Laws & Regulations

We study and compare rules and regulations in the investment industry around the world, and offer informative advice and updates to our institutional and individual clients so that they can make wise decisions when they invest and manage their portfolios.